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Kristyna Archer

Who is Kristyna?

Kristyna Archer is an award-winning commercial photographer and director with a passion for telling stories in the most visually compelling way.  Her aesthetic plays with VFX, stylized design, and her signature playful tone that runs throughout all her work.  She enjoys bringing a carefree lifestyle element into her clever concept-based narratives.  She spent her formative years in Detroit with a Pentax K1000 chronicling her friends’ misadventures. She moved to the windy city to study photography at Columbia College and start her career.  She currently splits time between LA and NYC. Her clients range from Patron and Hershey’s to Boost Mobile and Honda. Her accolades include recognition from the Lucie Foundation, Communication Arts, One Eyeland, & New Filmmakers LA.  She can be found befriending any cat that crosses her path or hunting down the best waffles in town.  Archer is also the creator of the MergeLeft Podcast, a podcast exploring art and commerce through conversations with shape-shifters in arts, media, advertising, and entertainment.